Flowerboard Wedding 5 Spots Flower Banner 2.5 Meter

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Flower Board

Specification of Flowerboard Wedding 5 Spots Flower Banner 2.5 Meter

Surabaya Ranggalawe Flower Shop Selling Wedding Board Flowers or Wedding is a rectangular bouquet of wreaths with varied sizes ranging from 2x1.5 meters, 2x2.25 meters and there is also a large size of 3x1.5 meters usually this large sized board wreath request special from customers.

Flower Board Wedding 5-point flower model is a type of board flower arrangement specifically designed for the symbol of congratulations on one's marriage. This type of flower decoration is ordered because it can give an unforgettable impression. We use fresh flowers so that they look fresh and attractive. Our flower board decorations are done by experts who are experienced in their fields.

By Ordering Flower Board from Banner at Ranggalawe Florist Surabaya Flower Shop the process is faster because we have our own printing machine so that specifically for Surabaya Florist Ranggalawe Florist customers will be prioritized, Orders can be delivered to customers quickly, our Online Store who serves you 24 hours. And don't forget to visit the Surabaya Ranggalawe Flower Shop, located on Jl. Kayoon Stand 34, Surabaya, East Java, Open at 07.00 WIB until 21.00 WIB.

The following are the Specifications of the Wedding :

The size of the usual Flower Grief Board Ranggalawe Florist Surabaya for measuring 2.5x1, 5 meters, the design of the traditional printing board with Wedding

Costum printing board design with happy wedding greeting.

5-point flower, position the flower top corner down, right left and bottom center with wooden legs.

Composed of fresh flowers: yellow chrysanthemum, white, pilow leaves, senile, red antarium.

We Ranggalawe Florist As a Flower Decoration Center in Kayoon Surabaya Also Receives Other Flower Arrangement Orders Such As:

Greeting Board Flowers, Greeting & Success Board Flowers, Happy Birthday Board Flowers, Hand Bouqueet Flower Arrangements, Bridal Car Decorative Flower Arrangements, Table Flower Arrangements, Standing Flower Arrangements and other Flower Arrangements.

And don't forget to review / review our Ranggalawe Florist Surabaya on Google, Thank you.

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