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Ranggalawe Flower Shop Surabaya Sells Condolence Board is a board wreath that is rectangular in shape with sizes ranging from 225 x 140 cm, 250 x 150 cm. This condolence board wreath also intends to give a sign that they have mourned the funeral home to declare that they also mourned. Ranggalawe Surabaya Sells a Condolence Board Wreath symbolizes a condolence from an individual / group / organization aimed at the family left behind.

By ordering a flower board from the banner at the Surabaya Flower Shop Ranggalawe Florist the process is faster because we have our own printing machines so specifically for Flower Shop Surabaya Ranggalawe customers will be prioritized, orders can be delivered to customers quickly, our Online Shop who serves you 24 hours. And don't forget to visit Surabaya Ranggalawe Flower Shop located on Jl. Kayoon Stand 34, Surabaya, East Java, Open at 07.00 WIB until 21.00 WIB.

The following are the specifications of the Condolence Board Wreath

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