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flower Board

 flower board flower board congratulations & success medium size is a flower board used to convey congratulations for the success of the business of a relative or relative.

 ranggalawe florist shop sells various types of sizes and prices on flower boards congratulations & success. we not only sell happy & successful board flowers, there are still many types such as happy wedding board flowers, flower boards also mourn citas, happy birthdays, and congratulations ..

  board interest rates start from 500 thousand - 1.5 million. depending on flower design and board size. In addition to selling flower boards, we also serve ordering benner for banners, posters, or advertisements and others. We also serve aquarium orders with prices and types of certain sizes ... please contact us if ordering aquarium.

  if interested in ordering our products we can directly come to our store which is located at Jl kayoon stand 34 kayoon surabaya market. can contact us via email or contact our WhatsApp listed in the picture.

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