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congratulations and successful board flowers for greetings to relatives or relatives.
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29 Aug 2019
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Specification of

flower Board

Congratulations and success flowers or board congratulations are boards that are used to congratulate relatives or relatives who are getting or building an initial success, such as promotion, business, or building a business.

The ranggalaweflorist shop serves flower board orders of various sizes including 225x140 and 250x150 and other sizes depending on the customer. for types of flower board shop ranggalaweflorist serving the manufacture of various types of flower boards in addition to survivors and success, for example; condolence board flowers, happy wedding board flowers, happy birthday board flowers, and others.

In addition to flower board store ranggalaweflorist also serves orders for making benner, billboards, making various types of AQUARIUM, flower arrangement, flower decoration etc.

if you intend to order or ask questions about our products please come directly to our store located at Jl kayoon stand 34 blok B surabaya. or you can pass our email, namely or can contact our wa number listed in the ad image above.

Thank you for your visit.

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