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happy flower board or happy wedding, and orange is a flower as a congratulation and success for the struggle or the result of a hard work or achievement.

ranggalawe florist stores sell and accept bookings for flower boards of various types of pappan flowers, for example, grieving, happy wedding, happy & successful, congratulation, happy birthday. for sizes there are various kinds ... generally sizes between 225x140 and 250x150. for prices ranging from 500 thousand-1.5 million. depending on the type of flower arrangement.

ranggalawe florist shop besides selling flower boards, we also serve orders for aquariums with various types and sizes, benner for billboards or logos, and various other types of flower arrangements such as bouquets, stands, flower boxes etc.

if you are interested in ordering please come directly to the ranggalawe florist shop located on Jl. kayoon stand 34 blok b, kayoon surabaya flower market. can contact wa numbers in the picture above ... can see see other images via wa.

thanks for the visit.

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